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I have been enjoying a sense of anticipation lately...  Made a decision not long ago about one of my novels.  This is a book I wrote when I was in my early twenties.  The back story is kind of interesting, I suppose...  but maybe another time.  Anyway, just out of college, I worked full time and during my breaks and off-hours, I wrote this novel.  I don't want to share details of it yet, until its publication... and yes believe it or not I haven't yet published it.  Back when I was 23, I did re-work the novel into screenplay form, and changed it to a dramatic satire...and I remember pitching it to agents and producers, and how exciting it was once when an agent on the other end of the phone line did have in fact a very solid interest.  But I did not secure any contract, and the book went unseen.  It hearkened back to a high school literature teacher I had, who told the class that when we wrote our Great American Novel, we should tuck it in a drawer for ten or twenty years... and that when we re-read it after dusting it off that decade or two later, if it still had merit, then and only then should we consider it worth publishing.  Well, that was never my intention.  But sobeit, here we are.  Three full decades later.  (insert emoji)  Anyway, I will self-publish it soon.  Yet my anticipation lately is not in that, per se, but instead in the fact that I've decided not to edit it to bring it up to the current timeframe.  Instead, I'm going to leave this novel set back in the mid 1980's.  And I think that very minor choice will add to the nuances of this work.

Hence, my anticipation.  Little moments and little decisions like that are of note, indeed.  (insert another emoji... hopefully not the same one...)




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