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I had a quick few minutes just now, between work and minding my toddler.  Told myself, "Hey, it's not ideal, but pop in your earplugs and let fingers loose over the keyboard."  I didn't take time to find the earplugs, btw.  But three minutes later, here it is...



And what is there to say except that Life is found in grains of sand...

Life is found in snowy footprints washed away by springtime rains...

LIfe is found in forgotten laughter and undiscovered tears...

Life is found in the letters we spin to share stories, to chant poetry, to thread the needles of those finely tended words we tell each other on the darkest of nights and in those sacred moments of high passion...

Life is what happens when we notice and when we do not,
when we are hopeful and when we despair,
when we reach hands and when we pocket our generosity,
when we poise ourselves on the brink of our own deliverance --- and turn and walk away.

This haven called Earth is a playground.
And a prison.
And a temple.
And an inferno.
And a paradise.
And all possibility lain before us like a dreamscape, open and unending.

Walk with care.  Walk without.  But walk.  You don't want to miss this.





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