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I am not a manufactured writer.  I'm not someone who chose to write because I have some specific point I want to make, or even because I have some particular story I want to tell.  I am a writer simply because it's who I am.  It's my nature.  In fact, it's one of the most important facets about me.

((I urgently needed to share this tonight.))

As I wrote on the "Novels" page of this website...
'I am like a scribe, most of the time.  A navigator perhaps, directing the course as a tale weaves its way through my heart, my thoughts, my pen.  Rarely do I liken myself to the one in charge...  Stories, it seems, already exist somewhere  -swirling out there in the ether, just beyond.  My place as the writer is simply to listen, to be aware enough to tune in.  And then to have the strength and the willingness (and the courage) to translate authentically & jot it all down.'

More on the subject to come...  Meanwhile, see one of my recent poems below...

Be well-



and the rains came down

as had been foretold

and I took heed as I knew

I should


for there were messages

in the raindrops

and syllables in the wind

if only I took moments to listen

and fair time to learn the language






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